We use the star rating system, which is most commonly found on Goodreads.

My Rating Scale

⭐- This book was amazing and can be counted among my favorite books. I give books 5-star reviews when it absolutely blows me away and I can’t stop thinking or talking about a book.

⭐- This book was great, and I would highly recommend it to someone. I’ll give a book 4 stars when it was really good but didn’t quite inch its way into the 5-star category.

⭐- This book was decent. There were flaws, but the enjoyment factor outweighed them. I tend to give a book 3 stars if I liked it but didn’t love it. Usually, it’s a book I enjoyed but wouldn’t necessarily read it again. Sometimes I recommend these books to others, but sometimes I don’t–it depends on the book.

⭐- This book wasn’t great. It had some redeeming qualities, but overall I didn’t like it. Usually, I can always find something in a book I like. 

⭐- This book was a struggle to get through or we DNFed (did not finish) it. I would not recommend this book to others.