coffee puns

Do you love coffee? Do you need coffee to function?

These coffee puns are hilarious and a great way to bring a bit of humor in your life!

Coffee is delicious. Coffee is life. Coffee is a lot of things. But, is it funny? or punny rather? You better brew-lieve it! Whether you just really love coffee and enjoy some fun wordplay or you’re looking for a super cute gift for a coffee lover, barista, or yourself, these coffee puns are sure to mocha you happy.

22 Coffee Puns that Espresso Our Love for this Life Fuel

Cannabis infused coffee anyone? Is that a thing?

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coffee puns
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A different kind of pot head.

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coffee puns
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Thanks a latte.

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Coffee – keeping us all sane.

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Several puns in one with this one.

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Shots of espresso for everyone!

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Poe approved coffee mug.

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Get you someone who will make you coffee in the morning.

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What’s better than Britney Spears lyrics combined with coffee?

That’s right, nothing.

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This is how I greet my coffee every morning.

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Have some caffeine to smooth things out.

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Can you imagine a dealer amped up on caffeine?

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Where have you bean all my life?

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Go together like coffee and donuts.

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Something extra good about French press coffee.

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A needed sticker even if you drink your coffee black.

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Coffee break!

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The coffee will help.

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A thank you card for coffee lovers.

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Why are lapel pins so cute.

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The oldest coffee pun?

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Heard this one before?

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