39 Funny Ways To Refer To Your Cup Of Coffee

What’s your nickname for a cup of coffee? There are a lot of funny names for coffee, from the common “Joe” to the more obscure “C8H10N4O2.”

Funny Names For Coffee – Social

Some are clever names, some are a bit of a stretch, and some are just funny coffee puns. As long as coffee has been around, it’s been inspiring clever turns of phrases and funny coffee nicknames.

So coffee lovers, pour yourself a cup of joe, bean juice, or rocket fuel. And let’s get to looking at this list of coffee synonyms to find your new favorite slang term for coffee.

Funny Names For Coffee

Whether for its based on its appearance, its caffeine content, or historical significance, there are a ton of different ways to refer to this delicious and energizing beverage. These also make great name ideas for coffee drinks!

Funny Names For Coffee

1. Dirt

2. Mud

3. Ink

4. Oil

5. Sludge

6. Worm Dirt

7. Go Juice

8. Jitter Juice

9. Brain Juice

10. High Octane

11. Wakey Juice

12. Morning Jolt

13. Liquid Energy

14. Rocket Fuel

15. Leaded

16. Cupped Lightning

17. Morning Fix

18. Battery Acid

19. Varnish Remover

20. Brew

Funny Names For Coffee

21. Cuppa

22. Bean Juice

23. Hot Stuff

24. Dirty Bean Water

25. C8H10N4O2 (Caffeine Molecule)

26. Cup of Joe

27. Java

28. Mocha

29. Jamocha

30. Early Bird Special

31. Eye Opener

32. Caffeine Infusion

33. Edible Ink

34. Coffee Tree Juice

35. Warm Brew

36. Bean Oil

37. Liquid Mud

38. Jolting Juice

39. Concentration Serum

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