different types of coffee drinks

Ever wondered what the difference is between a latte and cappuccino or flat white and latte?

Your questions answered about different types of coffee drinks.

Different Types of Coffee Drinks

Ever wondered about the different types of coffee drinks? Want to order your coffee without wondering what the hell you’re even ordering? You may have heard different terms – you may even use them – but what’s the difference between a latte and a cappuccino or the difference between a flat white and latte?

Here are some of the most popular different types of coffee drinks.

Different Types of Coffee Drinks – Small

Espresso – aka ‘short black’

A lot of people add an espresso shot – or four – to their drink of choice. However, you can also have an espresso shot solo which is usually served in a teeny tiny cup.

Who is this for? People with tiny hands and who like to drink bitter things.


Double Espresso – aka Doppio

A double shot of espresso, the doppio is perfect for putting even more pep in your step.

Who is this for? See above but double it.


Ristretto is an espresso shot with less hot water than a traditional espresso shot.

Who is this for? No. One.


A lungo is a long-pull espresso, the opposite of a ristretto. The longer the pull, the more caffeine there is and the more ounces you can enjoy.

Who is this for? Someone who wants an Americano.

Macchiato – aka cafe macchiato or espresso macchiato

A macchiato is an espresso with a bit of foamed milk on top – less harsh take on the traditional espresso. Yes. Especially after dinner in an Italian restaurant.

Who is this for? Someone who wants a jolt without the harshness.

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You probably know what black coffee is, right? It’s just ground coffee beans steeped in hot water. It may be simple, but the proper name isn’t – cafe noir.

Who is this for? Someone with no soul (ie me).


Americano is similar to black coffee but with an extra kick. Instead of ground coffee beans, an espresso shot is diluted in hot water. I get an Americano when I really need an extra boost of energy.

Who is this for? Someone who wants to get shit done.


A cortado is a balance between espresso and steamed milk. Of course, similar to an espresso shot, the milk cuts back on some of the acidity.

Who is this for?


You’ve probably had a latte as it’s one of the most popular different types of coffee drinks. The latte is comprised of a shot of espresso and a decent amount of steamed milk with a bit of foam. Many add a flavor shot of something such as vanilla.

There is no universal rule to how much milk there should be—but it will be more than all the other coffees.

Who is this for? People who don’t really love the taste of coffee.



The difference between a cappuccino and latte is fairly simple. A cappuccino is a latte but made with a higher ratio of foam to steamed milk often with a sprinkle of a cocoa powder or cinnamon.

Who is this for? Someone who likes foam and flavor.

Red Eye

Named aptly after the midnight flights turned tired mornings, the red-eye is a cup of black coffee with an espresso shot to top it off. Cue the heart palpitations!

Who is this for? Someone who can’t stay awake.


Mochas are for the chocolate lovers! A mocha is a chocolate espresso drink with steamed milk and foam.

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Who is this for? Chocolate lovers!


Originating in Portugal, this hot coffee drink is closely related to the latte and cappuccino. The only difference is it contains about twice as much foamed milk, making it a lighter drink compared to the other two.

Who is this for? Someone who wants something a little less heavy.

Flat White

Originating from Australia, this coffee drink is basically a cappuccino without the foam or chocolate sprinkle. It’s an espresso drink with steamed milk.

Who is this for? Someone who likes lattes or cappuccinos but wants something different.


Do you want ice cream and an espresso shot – together? The affogato is just that!

Who is this for? Someone who needs caffeine and to curb a sweet tooth.

Café au Lait

Café au lait is perfect for the coffee minimalist who wants a bit more flavor. Just add a splash of warm milk to your coffee and you’re all set!

Who is this for? A minimalist that can’t handle black coffee or someone lazy, like me. 


Irish coffee consists of black coffee, whiskey, and sugar, topped with whipped cream.

Who is this for? Someone who needs to take the edge off. 

Different Types of Coffee Drinks – Iced

Don’t forget the iced coffee – possibly the most refreshing summertime pick me up!

Iced Coffee

Simplicity at its best. Iced coffee is a coffee with ice often with a dash of milk, cream, and/or sweetener.

Who is this for? The minimalist who needs a refreshing cold drink.

Iced Espresso

Like an iced coffee, iced espresso can be served straight or with a dash of milk, cream or sweetener. You can also ice specialty espresso-based drinks like americanos, mochas, macchiatos, lattes, and flat whites.

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Who is this for? See above but they need more energy or flavor.

Cold Brew

The newest trend. Cold brew coffees are made by steeping coffee beans from anywhere up to 36 hours, depending on how strong you would like your cold brew. Once the beans are done steeping, add cold milk or cream.

Who is this for? The cool kids.



Frappuccinos are a blended iced coffee drink that’s topped with whipped cream and flavored syrup.

Who is this for? Someone who loves coffee and smoothies, or just a lot of sugar.


A cold brew + nitrogen bubbles = a cold brew coffee with a frothy, Guinness-like consistency.

Who is this for? Someone who is better than me.


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different types of coffee drinks
different types of coffee drinks
different types of coffee drinks
different types of coffee drinks
different types of coffee drinks

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  1. Andi

    LONG time fan of coffee! Started drinking it as a child in Panama with lots of milk and sugar. My family road-tripped a lot growing so that meant lots of Denny breakfasts – we would always surprise the waitress when my family of 4 would order 3 coffees and a hot chocolate and that was for my Mom! Worked in Europe where coffee is a huge part of office culture as well and I definitely expanded my coffee horizons on that continent. I love coffee in all its forms except anything with white chocolate! I did not know what a flat white was so I learned something today!

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