Really love houseplants but have cats? Here are some of the best cat friendly plants to add some green liveliness to your home!

Cats will be cats. They’ll knock things off counters and shelves, they’ll chew on whatever they damn well feel like chewing, and then quite literally bounce off the walls. And, then they’ll sleep for like 22 hours of the day. But, you want houseplants, right? Here are some of the best cat friendly plants that won’t put them in danger!

Disclaimer: These plants won’t try to kill your cats, but I can’t promise your cats won’t try to kill them. 

While they’re mischievous and curious, they often will get themselves into trouble including chewing on or eating tox plants. 

Not all cats, but many cats love to nibble on plants and there are many very common houseplants that are toxic to cats.

Peace Lilies are a definite no-no as they can cause chemical burns in their mouth and throat.

But, don’t give up hope of having a cat haven and an indoor jungle! There are plenty of cat friendly plants.

cat friendly plants

Cat Friendly Plants

This is not an exhaustive list of cat-friendly plants and I may add it to from time to time, but there are plenty of cat-safe houseplants here to get you started!

Each plant has a brief description of how to care for the plant to make sure it’s the right fit for your home aside from cat-friendliness.

Spider Plant

Durability to your rescue! Spider plants are great easy to care for plants that are cat safe. Also, great plants to propagate.

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Light – low light to indirect sunlight
Water – allow to dry between waterings

cat friendly plantsCast Iron Plant

A cat-safe alternative to the peace lily is the cast iron plant. You’ll still get the large, deep green leaves like the peace lily and hopefully, your feline friend won’t chew them to shreds.

Light – indirect sunlight to low light
Water – let dry in between waterings

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Bird Nest Fern

If you want a unique looking plant, check out the Bird Nest Fern.

Light – low to medium light
Water – usually weekly

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Prayer Plant

Prayer plants are super cool. They’re a bit of a drama queen. A word of warning – I almost killed this plant several times in the beginning. It was not looking good at all friends.

I completely changed how I cared for it – moving it closer to the light, changing its pot, and watering more frequently along with misting. Now, it’s doing great!

If you can succeed at keeping a prayer plant alive, they’re pretty great.

Light – low to medium light suggested (mine is sitting in front of south-facing window though – do with that what you will)
Water – keep soil moist but not soggy; mist several times a week

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Christmas Cactus

A cat-friendly alternative to a poinsettia which is absolutely not cat-friendly.

Light – bright, indirect light
Water – regular waterings

cat friendly plants

Parlor Palm

This pet-friendly, low-maintenance houseplant is also a good starting point for beginners.

Light – bright, indirect light
Water – when the top inch of soil is dry

cat friendly plantsPolka Dot Plant

The polka dot plant is super pretty and comes in white and pink commonly.

Light – bright, indirect light
Water – keep soil moist

Venus Fly Trap

Not everyone has a carnivorous plant! And, they’re cat friendly so have fun.

Light – bright, indirect light
Water – irrigate with distilled water

cat friendly plants



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