The Cannibals of Chaufant by EE Tressler

I received a copy of The Cannibals of Chaufant from Readers’ Favorite in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are, of course, my own. 


The Cannibals of Chaufant


E.E. Tressler is a husband, a father, grandfather. His family and extended family are his first love and priority. Long retired from his day job, his imagination and creativity have run wild as evidenced by his first book, “The Cannibals of Chaufant.”

Home is California but he and his wife travel to France where they spend the summer months on their canal boat puttering around the small villages and towns along the vast French canal system. When he is not writing he is taking photographs. He enjoys painting, and fly fishing occupies his time whenever possible. 

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Publication Date

June 28, 2019

Why I Picked It Up

To be honest, I’ve always been drawn towards the taboo and macabre. So, the title alone would have been enough for me. Additionally, I was invited by Readers’ Favorite to read the book.

Famous First Words

“The first thing you need to know is, cannibalism isn’t against the law.”

Book Description 

The evil spirit of cannibalism has found its way to the outback of Nevada.

Tom Cooper, a sociology teacher from Colorado, suffers a midlife crisis. To repair himself, he takes a ride through Nevada to visit his sister in California during his summer vacation. On the way, he gets stranded in the tiny community of Chaufant. He is befriended by Andy Caldwell and other residents who seem especially kind to him but he learns that some of the people are practicing cannibalism.

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Although Tom is shocked by this revelation, his curiosity gets the best of him and he stays in Chaufant to learn more about these people. On the surface they seem normal and friendly, but underneath they are complex and addicted to occasionally eating dead people.

His sabbatical takes him on an emotional journey of discovery. A treasure is found and a romance germinates. Through tragedy and a philosophic odyssey Tom, his new friend Andy, and the community of Chaufant, find peace before the summer ends.

My Thoughts & Takeaways

The Cannibals of Chaufant by EE Tressler focuses on Tom Cooper, a sociology professor from Colorado, in the midst of a midlife crisis. On his way to see his sister in California, he gets stranded in the tiny community of Chaufant after he hits a vulture and shatters his windshield. While waiting for the new windshield, he makes fast friends with the community and decides to return after his visit with his sister. Andy Caldwell especially takes to Tom as they go fly-fishing, survey land as part of Andy’s job, and make conversation on every trivial and serious topic under the sun. But, Tom is shocked when Andy divulges that some of the residents practice in cannibalism. While it was done on accident the first time, they took up a quick addiction to it and took part anytime there was an unclaimed body that came through their tiny town.

What an intriguing book by EE Tressler, The Cannibals of Chaufant. Reading a title like this makes you think a book is heading a very specific direction, but this book was really about so much more than what’s on the surface. Amongst the story, the reader experiences struggles with philosophical and religious ideas. It’s thought-provoking and about internal struggles and the instant relief of confession and confiding in someone else. This part mystery, part adventure, part romance includes well-developed characters, a lovable narrator, and a truly wild summer odyssey complete with cannibals, Native Americans, hidden treasure, polygamists, and a dude ranch.

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