Read Like Hell-A-Thon – Spring Edition 2022

Welcome to the Special Edition of Read Like Hell-A-Thon! We’re so excited to have you join us. This read-a-thon is hosted by myself @books.beans.botany and @the.vegan.hobbit so make sure to give us a follow as well as the official Instagram for the read-a-thon – @readlikehellathon.

What is the April Read Like Hell-A-Thon?

It’s a toned-down version of the October read-a-thon. The same concept, still horror-themed, and still loads of fun!


Levels and prompts can be read in any order you wish. Think of them more as groups instead of stepping stones to the next level. 

The only exception is the BONUS level in which you need to finish the other levels as well to achieve. 

Each character has more prompt choices than needed to give you options. Read all the prompts for extra points (the points don’t matter, except for bragging power).

If you achieve all levels including the bonus level (8 books total), you earn the title of “Persephone.”

Check back and join our Facebook group as we’ll be posting book suggestions for each prompt, social media graphics, and more!

“Mystical Monsters” Level  

To achieve the “Mystical Monsters” level, read one book from each of the three characters’ prompt choices (three books total).    


  • A book with Greek mythology
  • A hybrid genre
  • A fantasy genre
  • A book with wing(s) and/or paw(s) on cover


  • A book set in Ireland or by an Irish author
  • An audiobook
  • A book about death
  • A book with ghosts


  • A book part of a trilogy
  • A book with 3 main characters
  • A book with a love triangle
  • A book with a dog(s)
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“May King” Level  

To achieve the “May King” level, read one book from each of the four characters’ prompt choices (four books total).

The Faun (Pan’s Labyrinth)

  • A book with horns on the cover
  • A book with multiple timelines
  • A book by a Latinx author
  • A book that features the Underworld
  • A book set during a war/battle

Edward Scissorhands

  • A fantasy romance
  • A book about an artist/art
  • Opposites attract
  • A book with artificial intelligence
  • A book about emotions

Jareth the Goblin King (Labyrinth)

  • A book with a crown on the cover
  • A book about a troubled family
  • A book set in or released in the 80s
  • A book with an owl
  • A book with a master of disguise (magician, shapeshifter, double lives)


The Wicker Man

  • A book set in Scotland or by a Scottish author
  • A folk horror
  • A book featuring a cult
  • A book set on an island
  • A book about religion

Bonus Level –– Creature Feature

Black Philip

  • Read a book with a devil in disguise or about the devil
  • A book with a black cover or “black” in the title
  • A book with a witch
  • A book with an animal MC
  • A book about deception


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