57 Succulent Quotes & Captions For Plant Lovers

Are you a plant lover? These quotes about succulents will make your day!

Succulent plants are a great starting point for plant beginners. The main key to keeping these babies alive is not to overwater – which is something we sometimes struggle with a lot. 

Quotes about Succulents

And they’re also super fun as these succulent quotes, cactus puns, and succulent puns show!

These are perfect captions for social media posts or as little notes to put with a succulent gift. 

And if you’re all about that plant life, check out our plant puns, succulent puns, and rose puns.  

What Is A Succulent Plant?

Succulent plants, also known simply as succulents, have thickened, fleshy, and engorged parts. This is usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. 

The word succulent comes from the Latin word sucus, meaning “juice” or “sap.”

All cactus plants are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. The aloe vera plant is an example of a succulent (but not a cactus).  

Quotes about Succulents

Funny Quotes About Succulents 

These funny succulent quotes are perfect for any succulent lover. 

1. “Succ it up.”

2. “I’m a succa for you.”

3. “Enjoy the small things.”

4. “Be a succulent in a world of delicate flowers.”

5. “Life is like a succulent, full of pricks, but incredibly beautiful.”

6. “My life would totally succ without you.”

7. “Say aloe to my little friend.”

8. “I’ve never met a succulent I didn’t like.”

9. “Slowly turning my home into a succulent-filled desert.”

10. “I’m no cactus expert, but I know a prick when I see one.”

11. “Life is a cactus; thorny; but beautiful.”

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12. “Aloe you vera much.”

13. “You had me at aloe.”

14. “Succulents are plant-tastic.”

15. “I tried grilled catcus today. It was succulent.”

16. “You’re sucCUTElent.”

17. “I am rooting for you.”

18. “You’re looking sharp!”

​19. “Let’s stick together.”

20. “The favorite song of succulents is, ‘Aloe-lluyah, it’s raining, man’.” 

21. “You prickle my fancy.”

22. “Not dead yet succa.”

23. “Supp succa?”

24. “I succ at this.”

25. “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy even more succulents and that’s pretty much the same thing.”

26. “Aloe darkness, my old friend.”

Quotes about Succulents

Interesting Quotes About Succulents

Below are interesting and inspiring quotes about life that reference succulents or cacti. Look no further for an inspirational quote!

27. “Hope is not a resting place but a starting point — a cactus, not a cushion.” — H. Jackson Brown Jr.

28. “Don’t wait for someone to bring you succulents; plan your own, and decorate your soul.” — Luther Burbank

29. “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy more succulents, and that’s pretty much the same thing!”

30. “Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus, but you don’t have to sit on it.” — Joyce Meyer

31. “Cactus classification is similar to fashion on women skirts: They first shorten improperly, and then lengthen excessively.” — C. Glass and R. Foster

32. “I read books so dry even a cactus couldn’t grow on them.” — Jarod Kintz

33. “I had forgotten that talking to you is like trying to pet a cactus.” — Ilona Andrews

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34. “I bought a cactus. A week later, it died. And I got depressed because I thought: Damn, I am less nurturing than a desert.” — Demetri Martin

35. “Tequila is a good drink: you drink it, and you feel like a cactus; the only problem is that in the morning and thorns grow inward.” — Anonymous

36. “The trees were in leaf, and every plant was blooming, except for the cacti, which were being stubbornly prickly.” — Jeremy Pascall 

37. “You told us to leave you in the desert because you planned to start a new life as a cactus. Then you conjured up tiny needles and threw them at us. With pinpoint accuracy.” — Cassandra Clare

38. “We reap what we sow. We cannot expect apples when we have sown the seed of a cactus.” — Anonymous

39. “Adolescence is like cactus.” — Anais Nin

40. “Sometimes life succs, just stand tall, stay sharp and never desert your dreams.” – Unknown

41. “If holding a cactus can cure my pain, I would love to have it for a whole life.” – Proverb

42. “In the desert of my heart, you don’t need to blossom like a cactus.” – Richa

43. “Every cactus blooms, some with little rooms, some give flowers that grow, others so small it won’t show! – Ana Claudia Antunes

44. “Be sharp like a cactus, people are afraid to touch and not a sort of rubbish.” ― sophieya

45. “When the going gets tough, Just like golden barrel cactus, You bloom yellow And poesy drips from you

Instead of tears.” ― Neelam Saxena Chandra

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46. “People trample over flowers. Yet only to embrace a cactus.” ― James Joyce

47. “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” ― Audrey Hepburn

More Succulent Quotes

48. “Everybody grows at their own rates.”

49. “Keep going, you’re still growing.”

50. “Not all days have thorns.”

51. “Don’t let the prickly things in life get you down.”

52. “Looking sharp!”

53. “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy succulents.”

54. “Needles to say, you’re great!”

55. “Good things come in small packages.”

56. “Tiny succulent alert!”

57. “I guess I’m a succulent mom now!”

Wrapping Up Quotes About Succulents

That’s are list of the best quotes about succulents! Which is your favorite?

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