60 Rose Puns That We Love A Whole Bunch

Valentine’s Day of course comes to mind, but there are so many more occasions when roses are relative. And you’re going to need these rose puns to accompany them on Instagram.

rose puns

Roses commonly represent love, friendship, and peace. And oftentimes the significance depends on the color of the rose. Yellow roses are often great for friendships or red for your significant other.

Regardless of the occasion, these rose puns are blooming!

Rose Puns That Are Anything But Thorny

1. You’re such a gene-rose person.

2. Rose to the occasion.

3. I got you roses for valentines day because I love you a bunch!

4. Rose, rose, rose your boat.

5. Flowers turn rosy when they blush.

6. What is the florist’s favorite rock band? Guns and Roses.

7. To the person who rose me right.

8. I can’t help it, but my love for you gets me a little thorny!

9. I was thorn this way.

10. I left a rose in the snow, and now, it’s f-rose-n.

rose puns

11. What do you call a cross between a dog and a rose? A collie-flower!

12. Roses are red. Pizza sauce is too. I ordered a large, and none of it’s for you.

13. Our love is unbe-leaf-able.

14. There are more p-rose than cons.

15. The flower picture was blurry due to low rose-olution.

16. How did the flower come back to life after it had dried up in the heatwave? It rose from the dead.

17. We will have a blooming good time.

18. I got you roses for our budding relationship.

19. European countries use Eu-rose as their currency.

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20. It left a sticky rose-idue.

rose puns

21. What did the florist say to the customer who was trying to bargain over the price of the rose bouquet? “Take it or leaf it bud!”

22. You had me at rosé.

23. You’re a rose-ilient person.

24. Why was the florist afraid of roses? Quite honestly, she didn’t know where the fear stemmed from.

25. The rose had to inform his mom about a mishap. He said, “I hate to be the bearer of bud news”.

26. No more tears and sor-rose.

27. It was a dull day, but I saw a pink colored rose. I look at the bright seed of things.

28. What are your New Year’s rose-olutions?

29. Yes way, rosé.

30. The rose had an allergic reaction to something. There were spots all over his bud-y.

rose puns

31. What do you call a rose with a large thorn? A Rose-nocerous

32. Why do roses drive so fast? They put the petal to the metal.

33. Why is it better to smell roses than a pile of poop? It’s just plain common scents.

34. Everyone goes through highs and rose.

35. How do bees greet roses? “Hi honey!”

36. A man wrote an essay on why roses are known to be the most romantic flowers. The paper was very well rosearched.

37. Stop blowing your own thorn.

38. Today and tomor-rose.

39. Flowers recharge at power plants.

40. Sometimes, one rose speaks louder than a dozen.

rose puns

41. I can’t form a scent-ence.

42. The rose’s mother only gave them one piece of advice. She said, “You should always live life in full bloom”.

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43. One rose was prettier than all the others on the rose bed. When he was a bud, the gardener had said: “A star is thorn.”

44. The rose was very lazy. He had a seedentary lifestyle.

45. The siblings in that flower bunch fight a lot. They are always pollen each other’s legs.

46. When the rose was winning the competition, her friends cheered for her by saying: “You grow, girl!”

47. I had thought about giving my friend orchids for her birthday, but ended up giving her a bunch of roses. It was a sudden change of plants.

48. Ew, you’re so g-rose.

49. There were no roses in the garden. The gardener said he had not botany.

50. Durians love mara-thorns.

rose puns

51. I caught a bad vi-rose.

52. He was a real prick.

53. Roses need therapy, as well. It helps them get to the root of their problems.

54. No way bouquet.

55. The rose business is blooming.

56. We’re hanging thorn-aments on the tree.

57. English roses are very fond of good and hearty Sunday rose-ts.

58. The florist was so embarrassed that he wet his plants.

59. Gardeners like to sleep on beds of roses.

60. I did not expect my father to be so good at gardening. He ex-seeded my expectations.

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