11 Interesting Facts About Succulents You Never Knew

Do you love succulent plants? Then you’re going to love these facts about succulents!

Facts About Succulents

Succulents have been having a moment for a while, but there may be some fun facts about succulents you don’t know. 

These interesting plants are generally considered pretty easy to care for, come in a plethora of colors and shapes, and are just really cute. 

Facts About Succulents

1. They come in lots of different colors. 

There are, of course, plenty of green succulents. But there are also blue, purple, pink red, and orange succulents as well. Enough for every color of the rainbow!

Facts About Succulents

2. You can easily start new plants from succulent leaves.

This is called propagating and succulents are one of the easiest plants to do it with. Simple snip off a succulent leaf (or pick up one that has already fallen off), let it dry in the sun, plant it in dirt, and water it. 

Facts About Succulents

3. Succulents and cacti are different.

To put it simply, all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. 

Facts About Succulents

4. Succulents come from dry climates.

Most native succulents first came from areas with long dry seasons (such as Africa or other desert locations). This is due to the leaves’ ability to store water.

Facts About Succulents

5. Their name has a juicy meaning. 

Succulent comes from the Latin word sucus, meaning “juice” or “sap.”

6. Roughly 60 different plant families contain species of succulents.

These plant families include Cactaceae (cacti) and Xanthorrhoeaeceae (home to aloe vera). Across these different succulent families, there are approximately 20,000 varieties of succulents. 

Facts About Succulents

7. In general, succulents are pest resistant. 

This is another reason why these plants are good for beginners. The limited issues you could experience include woolly aphids, spider mites, fungus gnats, and mealybugs, depending on whether they’re outside or inside. 

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8. Size does matter.

Small leaves on a succulent means the plant’s native habitat is at a higher elevation. 

9. Succulents have built-in sun protection

Ever notice a waxy coating on the surface of plant leaves when it comes to succulents? This natural sunscreen is known as epicuticular wax and it protects the leaves from burning from too much light. 

Facts About Succulents

10. In certain cultures, succulents are symbols of wealth and love. 

Succulents have been known to symbolize timeless love due to their hardiness, thick leaves, and water storage properties. They also represent prosperity in Asian cultures. Due to their water retention and water being a symbol of wealth, this is particularly true in the Japanese practice of Fen Shui. 

11. Aloe vera (a type of succulent) is toxic to cats and dogs. 

Make sure to keep the aloe away from your pets. Instead, try one of these cat-friendly plants.

Facts About Succulents

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