The Invisibles by Rachel Dacus


The Invisibles by Rachel Dacus has tragedy, romance, supernatural elements, and a taste of Italy all rolled into one book!

I received a copy of The Invisibles book from Hidden Gem Books in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are, of course, my own. 

The Invisibles Book Review


The Invisibles 


Rachel Dacus writes magical realism fiction and poetry. She is the author of The Invisibles and The Renaissance Club. Dacus has written four poetry collections: Arabesque, Gods of Water and Air (poetry, prose, and drama), Earth Lessons, and Femme au Chapeau. She lives in Northern California with her husband and Silky Terrier. When not writing, she raises funds for good causes.

Publication Date

November 15, 2019

Why I Picked It Up

I found out about the book through Hidden Gem Books and decided to request it to review based on the description. Not necessarily my typical read, but something about it and the existing reviews made me curious. 

Famous First Words

“Saffron glared at her black-suited sister across their father’s grave in Rome’s Protestant Cemetery.”

Book Description from Goodreads

The Invisibles.

Two sisters. One Ghost. An impossible sacrifice.

Feuding half-sisters inherit a cottage on the Italian coast, along with its resident spirit and a secret manuscript. Their rivalry explodes through a struggle for control of their haunted house, but Italy infuses its magic into them until a shocking night changes everything for the sisters and their friends.

A tale of sisterhood and the supernatural, perfect for fans of Mary Ellen Taylor and Barbara O’Neal.

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My Thoughts & Takeaways

The Invisibles is set in a dreamy seaside town in Italy and follows the story of two half-sisters reconnecting after the passing of their estranged (kind of) father. Upon his death, they inherited the house he was living in, in Italy causing both of them to have to travel there to take care of the estate.

I found the writing enjoyable, easy to follow, and the overall story pretty solid.

What I Liked

Entertaining read. I found myself entertained throughout, definitely found myself wanting to travel back to Italy, and overall thought the writing was well done.

Character Names. Also, really loving the name choices for the sisters. Not usually something I’d even mention, but they were unique and I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anyone named Saffron. I don’t plan on having kids, so I’ll have to name a plant or something Saffron.

What I Didn’t Like

A bit misleading. I will admit upon reading the description of the book – and the title even – I thought that this was much more about the magical/supernatural focuses, but in reality, they were just a small fraction of the story. I’m much less of a romance reader and much more of a supernatural/magic reader, so I don’t know if I would have picked this up had I realized it.

Favorite Quotes

“Death was a myth, and most people only half-lived anyway.”


3/5 stars

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