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If you’re looking for Ruby Dixon books in order, you’ve come to the right place. The only question is which series? And what order specifically?

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There are several series that take place in the same universe. There are a few series that have crossovers.

First, I’ll write out the order to read every book in chronological order. The different series will cross over in this version!

If you’re really only interested in one series, see towards the bottom for a list of each series in order.

Ruby Dixon Books In Order – The Entire Rubyverse Reading Order

Color/Formatting Key

Ice Planet Barbarians
Ice Planet Clones
° – short stories & unnumbered novellas, optional reading
* – not necessary to understand the major crossover between Ice Planet books and Corsairs/Risdaverse books

  1. Ice Planet Barbarians (Kindle, Paperback)
  2. Barbarian Alien (Kindle, Paperback)
    • Ice Planet Honeymoon: Vektal & Georgia (Kindle)
    • Ice Planet Honeymoon: Raahosh & Liz (Kindle)
  3. Barbarian Lover (Kindle, Paperback)
    • Ice Planet Honeymoon: Aehako & Kira (Kindle)
  4. Barbarian Mine (Kindle, Paperback)
    • Ice Planet Honeymoon: Rukh & Harlow (Kindle)
  5. Ice Planet Holiday (Kindle, Paperback)
  6. Barbarian’s Prize (Kindle, Paperback)
  7. Barbarian’s Mate (Kindle, Paperback)
    • Having the Barbarian’s Baby (Kindle)
    • Ice Ice Babies (Kindle)
  8. Barbarian’s Touch (Kindle, Paperback)
  9. Barbarian’s Taming (Kindle, Paperback)
  10. Barbarian’s Heart (Kindle, Paperback)
  11. Barbarian’s Hope (Kindle, Paperback)
  12. Barbarian’s Choice (Kindle, Paperback)
  13. Prison Planet Barbarian (Kindle, Paperback)
  14. The Corsair’s Captive (Kindle, Paperback)
  15. In The Corsair’s Bed (Kindle, Paperback)
  16. Enticed by the Corsair (Kindle, Paperback)
  17. Deceiving the Corsair (Kindle, Paperback)
  18. The Alien’s Mail Order Bride (Complete standalone but takes place roughly here) (Kindle)
  19. Pretty Human (Kindle)
  20. When She’s Ready* (Kindle, Paperback)
  21. When She’s Married* (Kindle)
  22. When She Purrs (Kindle, Paperback)
  23. When She Belongs (Kindle, Paperback)
  24. When She Dances* (Kindle, Paperback)
  25. When She’s Bold* (Kindle)
  26. When She’s Lonely* (Kindle, Paperback)
  27. When She’s Pregnant* (Kindle, Paperback)
  28. When She’s Merry* (Kindle, Paperback)
  29. Barbarian’s Redemption (Kindle, Paperback)
    • Bedtime Stories – Rukhar’s Story
  30. Barbarian’s Lady (Kindle, Paperback)
  31. Barbarian’s Rescue
    • Bedtime Stories – Joden’s Story
  32. Barbarian’s Tease
    • Bedtime Stories – Talie’s Story
  33. Lauren’s Barbarian
  34. Veronica’s Dragon
  35. The Barbarian Before Christmas
    • A Gift for Drenol
    • A Gift
  36. Willa’s Beast
  37. Gail’s Family
  38. Barbarian’s Beloved
  39. Angie’s Gladiator
  40. Hannah’s Hero
  41. Devi’s Distraction
  42. Barbarian’s Valentine
  43. Barbarian’s Seduction
  44. Nadine’s Champion
  45. Callie’s Catastrophe
  46. Penny’s Protector
    • Twas the Night Before No-Poison Day
  47. Barbarian’s Treasure
  48. Barbarian’s Bride
  49. Mari’s Mistake
  50. Raven’s Return
  51. Bridget’s Bane
  52. Steph’s Outcast
  53. Corsairs: Adiron
  54. Corsairs: Kaspar
  55. Bad Guy*
  56. Corsairs: Straik
    • A Corsairs Brothers Yule
  57. Worse Guy*
  58. Sam’s Secret
  59. Daisy’s Decision
  60. Corsairs: Mathiras
    • Josie’s Wish
  61. Flor’s Fiasco
  62. R’jaal’s Resonance
  63. Corsairs: Bethiah
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Ruby Dixon Books In Order, By Series

Ice Planet Barbarians

  • Ice Planet Barbarians
  • Barbarian Alien
  • Barbarian Lover
  • Barbarian Mine
  • Ice Planet Holiday
  • Barbarian’s Prize
  • Barbarian’s Mate
  • Barbarian’s Touch
  • Barbarian’s Taming
  • Barbarian’s Heart
  • Barbarian’s Hope
  • Barbarian’s Choice
  • Barbarian’s Redemption
  • Barbarian’s Lady
  • Barbarian’s Rescue
  • Barbarian’s Tease
  • The Barbarian Before Christmas
  • Barbarian’s Beloved
  • Barbarian’s Valentine
  • Barbarian’s Seduction
  • Barbarian’s Treasure
  • Barbarian’s Bride


  • Lauren’s Barbarian
  • Veronica’s Dragon
  • Willa’s Beast
  • Gail’s Family
  • Angie’s Gladiator
  • Hannah’s Hero
  • Devi’s Distraction
  • Nadine’s Champion
  • Callie’s Catastrophe
  • Penny’s Protector
  • Mari’s Mistake
  • Raven’s Return
  • Bridget’s Bane
  • Steph’s Outcast
  • Sam’s Secret
  • Daisy’s Decision
  • Flor’s Fiasco

Ice Planet Clones

  • R’jaal’s Resonance
  • Surviving Skarr


  • Pretty Human
  • When She’s Ready
  • When She’s Married
  • When She Purrs
  • When She Belongs
  • When She Dances
  • When She’s Bold
  • When She’s Lonely
  • When She’s Pregnant
  • When She’s Fearless
  • When She’s Wary
  • Pride Not Prejudice: When She’s Shy (F/F)


  • The Corsair’s Captive
  • In The Corsair’s Bed
  • Enticed by the Corsair
  • Deceiving the Corsair

Corsair Brothers

  • Corsairs: Adiron
  • Corsairs: Kaspar
  • Corsairs: Straik
  • Corsairs: Mathiras
  • Corsairs: Bethiah

Stand Alone Books In The Rubyverse

  • Prison Planet Barbarian
  • The Alien’s Mail Order Bride
  • Bad Guy
  • Worse Guy

Fireblood Dragon Series

The Fireblood Dragons is another series that technically takes place in the same universe, but there are no crossover characters at all. The events do take place sometime around or before Mari’s Mistake.

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