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Wanna Know How We Roll? These 22 Library Puns Say it Better Than We Can!

Have you ever noticed that librarians have some of the best sense of humor? They’re also quite amazing human beings. And, if you think libraries aren’t cool, I’m here to tell you … they are. And, these library puns prove it.

If you’re looking for puns to enhance your Instagram captions to show off those book hauls, then you should definitely check these out.

22 Library Puns for Book Lovers

Reading is lit.
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We don’t deserve librarians.
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Oh, I’m checking you out…
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What’s your call number?
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No one stacks up to you.

I’ve never seen a messy library.
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No room on the calendar.
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Wait for it…
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Needing this shirt asap.
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It’s poetry in motion…
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A card for that book lover in your life.
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Keep it down.
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Finally, a party that can get my vote.
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Oh no. He has little arms too.
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Stay gold.
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The perfect valentine for a librarian.
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This is how we roll…
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Definitely overdue.
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And, we’ve got solid sources.
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The cutest card in the catalog.
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And, I can not lie.
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