Check Out These 32 Library Puns To See How We Roll

Have you ever noticed that librarians have some of the best sense of humor? They’re also quite amazing human beings. And, if you think libraries aren’t cool, I’m here to tell you … they are. And, these library puns prove it.

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If you’re looking for puns to enhance your Instagram captions to show off those book hauls, then you should definitely check these out.

22 Library Puns for Book Lovers

1. Sorry, my weekend’s fully booked.

2. Reading is lit.

3. Librarians have the most novel ideas.

library puns - reading is lit
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4. Are you a library book? Because I’m always checking you out.

5. Can I look you up? What’s your call number?

6. No one stacks up to you!

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7. This library is a mess. We should be ashamed of our shelves.

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8. Sorry, I’m booked.

9. This weekend is gonna be Lit-erary.

10. I will Dewey decimate you.

library puns - i will dewey decimate you

11. She blinded me with library science.

12. ISBN thinkin’ about you…

13. Libraries – where shhhh happens.

14. The Librarian Party – Make America Read Again.

15. Stay true to your shelf.

16. I’m checking you out.

17. This is how we roll.

18. Are you an overdue book? Because you have “fine, fine, fine” written all over you.

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19. According to my references, you’d make a swell Valentine.

20. You’re the cutest card in the catalog.

21. I like big books, and I can not lie.

22. What building has the most stories? The library.

23. You’re good for my circulation.

24. Books stay warm with book jackets.

25. My love for you is overdue.

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26. Why did Dracula go to the library? He wanted a good book to sink his teeth into.

27. You really turn our pages.

28. Bibliotherapy is a novel prescription.

29. Are you a banned book? Because you’re on fire.

30. Are you on the library’s wifi? Because I’m feeling a connection.

31. What does the librarian say when she has to leave? Time to book it!

32. Sorry for all of the library jokes. I’ll put them on hold.

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